SN-Sphere ™ is the most powerful software system commercially available for creating effective intelligence related to networks (associations of people and organizations working together in a particular context) for a wide variety of public and commercial agencies and organizations.

SN-Sphere  provides answers to questions like: Who is involved? How is it structured? How and where does it operate? What are its behaviour trends? What are the changes over time? and much more. It can focus on specific individuals and target networks and/or expose networks that fit profiles of suspicious attributes from massive amounts of data even when none of the members of the network have been previously identified.

SN-Sphere is a comprehensive suite of components and technologies which can be easily customized and integrated with other systems in a variety of ways to provide specific solutions. Primary components  includes:

ETL and Data Fusion Servers - extract, transport, process and load heterogeneous types of entity related and link support information (LSI) from disparate sources in preparation for effective information sharing and analysis

Logical Entities Constructor  (LEC) - identifies and groups together entity records which may represent the same real world entity

Network Analysis Server (NAS) - provides link analysis and other analytical capabilities to SN-Sphere components as well as to third party clients

LSI Designer - interactive tool to design semantic and logical layers for use by SN-Sphere and other applications to build specific analysis solutions

PreStar™ - server to pre-process data into a structure which allows link analysis to be completed in a short amount of time even when using massive amounts of data

Models Manager – allows users to dynamically build analysis models including choices of types of entities, link criteria, scoring mechanisms and additional parameters

Contextor™ – Investigators' Desktop intelligence system which includes an interactive teamwork information system to add, store, compartmentalize, retrieve, share, collate, and disseminate any type of information. It also includes built-in analysis tools and can optionally include a seamless interface to SN-Sphere's NAS  capabilities and advanced analysis tools.

Consider – detects and reports various types of changes and trends in the behavior of specific individual entities and networks of entities

Reveal – analyzes massive quantities of data and finds networks of associated entities based on sophisticated patterns and profies

Case Manager – integral part of Contextor to manage case meta-data, entities, documents, reports and all other information associated with a case

Pattern Analysis Deviation Analyzer - detects and reports deviations of behavior from the norm of an individual, network or total population

SQUBI (SN-Sphere Query Builder) - interactive tool to design and execute SQL queries from multiple databases

SDK(Software Developers Kit) - robust set of web services and programming interfaces that allow other systems to directly use all of the functionality of the SN-Sphere servers and clients

Database Layer - SN-Sphere uses an Oracle database for its internal database repository. No data needs to be stored on local workstations. This increases security and makes backups easier and more reliable. The system is capable of using data stored in other types of databases for analysis and queries. 

Svivot has accumulated comprehensive field experience in implementing SN-Sphere. This experience spearheads the ongoing development of our unique and proprietary technology to provide critical advantages :

1. Flexibility and Adaptability - SN-Sphere includes a set of application design tools which allow system adminstrators, integrators or Svivot to design and change applications to meet dynamic needs of the customer without programming. It is easy to add additional data sources, link support information, entity types, analysis models and more to an application.

The result is faster implementation time, significantly lower cost of ownership and greater independence for our partners and customers. Sensitive customers can receive training off-site and prepare their own applications without external personnel on site.

2. Advanced Analysis Technology - including link analysis, network pattern analysis, profile analysis, deviation analysis, connectivity analysis, temporal analysis, similarity analysis, entity identification analysis, behavioral change analysis and more. 

SN-Sphere executes link analysis with massive quantities of data (billions of records) without having to use subsets of data. It can produce a multi-generational link chart in a matter of seconds.

The system includes an analysis models manager which allows users or system administrators to define analysis models (types of entities to be linked, what criteria/rules consititute a link, quantitiative and qualitative scoring mechanisms for the links and many other parameters).

It is important to differentiate between our powerful link analysis technology and simple visiualization of data which is often referred to as link analysis. 

3. Intelligent Data Fusion - SN-Sphere includes LEC (Logical Entities Constructor) which automatically links entity records which are believed to be the same real world entity based on rules that can be determined by the system administrator. This is an essential element in data fusion applications.

SN-Sphere includes data fusion components which can access external databases, export data in XML format, send it to the SN-Sphere server (located at the customer's site), process and clean it up and then import it into the SN-Sphere central repository. In most cases, this can be done without the need for special programming. 

Additional data fusion components can read other types of files such as Excel, csv, XML, txt and other formats.

The data fusion process can be controlled by the SN-Sphere Process Manager (command and control module) which schedules and coordinates the data fusion processes.

4. Architecture - SN-Sphere is a 3-tier system (client, application servers, database layer). This architecture provides better access, performance and security over local and wide area networks. The client can be integrated with SSO and other enterprise security environments.

SN-Sphere is designed for integration with other systems as the back end and/or front end. The servers are developed in .NET with a robust set of APIs. In many cases, no single system is sufficient to fulfill all of the needs of a customer and therefore it is critical to have technology that can be easily integrated with other systems. Svivot, its partners and customers themselves have done such integration numerous times. In many cases, this is a deciding factor in choosing SN-Sphere .

5. Better teamwork collaboration - SN-Sphere's Contextor Investigators' Desktop is designed up front for teamwork collaboration for multiple users to add, store, compartmentalize, retrieve, share, collate, analyze and disseminate any type of information. SN-Sphere includes, built in, the powerful Oracle Text search engine, allowing users to quickly and effectively find and retrieve any textual information. It is completely integrated with normal desktop tools, so users continue using the tools they are accustomed to.