Reveal is the next generation of SN-Sphere software that analyzes massive quantities of communication, financial, incidents and many other types of data to expose and analyze the behavior of networks of associated people and other entities. In many cases, analysts do not have a known target from which to start, but they do know behavior and structural patterns (network personality profile- NPP ) that are indicative of networks of interest. Reveal exposes those networks. The system provides answers to questions such as: 

  • What individuals and groups of people are involved in suspicious behavior?  Reveal focuses on suspcious behavior rather than just statistically abnormal behavior. 

  • Who are the leaders in a network? What is the hierarchy within the network?

  • How does the network operate, communicaate, channel funds?

  • What are the behavior trends of the network? Is its activity and membership increasing or decreasing?

  • Monitoring and alerting of changes in the network such as new members, changed behavior patterns and more.

    Users may flexibly configure Reveal to meet their specific analytical and operational needs. The bottom line is the ability to delegate and focus an organization's resources on the right people, vehicles, phones , bank accounts and other elated entities.

    The following is a hypothetical analytical scenario. The scenario is based on a situation in which there is no prior knowledge of any specific target or any known network, but there exists knowledge and/or assumptions pertaining to the attributes, behavior and interrelationships of the networks that need to be revealed.

    Data sources available: call data records from interception systems and/or operators.

    Find: All occurrences in which a phone (A) calls another phone (B) and both phones are cellular prepaid and used very infrequently. The call lasts for a short time. A few minutes later, one of the two phones (let's assume A) receives a call from a public (pay) phone (C) located within a few minutes walking distance of where B was located when it received the original call from A.

    Reveal finds all of the networks that fit the desired pattern and can include additional phones that were in communication with A, B, and C and additional generations branching out from those calls. The system ranks the networks according to what degree they fit the ideal pattern. Users may automatically create a link chart and explore the details of each network in SN-Sphere's Contextor and/or mark a network for monitoring in SN-Sphere's Consider

    Reveal can use these same principles to work with any type of data and application.Contact us for additional sample scenarios and further information.