Models Manager


Models Manager is a component of SN Sphere which allows users to define analysis models. It is fully integrated in the Contextor Investigators' Desktop client and may also be integrated into other third party applications without using the Contextor client.

An analysis model includes definitions of:

  • Types of entities that are to used to infer links

  • Types of entities displayed in the results (link chart)

  • Filters on the entity data (such as only incidents that occurred in a particular time frame or geographic region)

  • Link Criteria what conditions constitute a link for each type of link support information available

  • General model parameters such as the number of generations of links and maximum number of results to display in the resulting link chart

  • Scoring calculation of the overall strength/relevance of a link according to the relative importance of each of the link criteria

      The analytical mechanisms of SN-Sphere, Consider, Reveal  or third party analytical mechanisms can then use the definitions from a particular model to execute an analysis.

      A very example of an analysis model using data from  police record management systems might include the following:

    • Types of entities : People, incidents, bookings, vehicles and phone numbers

    • Filters on the entities: Include only incidents that took place during the past year and all vehicles involved in these incidents with local State registration plates and the color red.

    • Link criteria Include links between a person and a vehicle only if that person is currently the owner of the vehicle.

        Scoring Calculate the score of links between a person and an incident according to their involvement in the incident as follows:

      • Victim: 100

      • Witness or passenger: 50

      • Reporting person: 50

      • Others: 20